Routing Traffic Through OpenVPN Multiple Hops

This was something I always wanted to do:
Using a VPN (public or private) to add a layer of security & privacy is really easy today – you can use any one of the plentiful services for VPN, and most of them a reasonably priced. But, what can you do if you want to add an extra level of security — what if you want to make a double or triple hop VPN connection? so the end point to the internet will not have your real IP?

At first, it sounds like a fairly simple task – install two clients of public VPN supplier and you are done – but I’ve found that in many cases, this would simply won’t work, Continue reading Routing Traffic Through OpenVPN Multiple Hops

New Place, New Face

After a long time of not having any external facing services on my server, I’ve decided that it’s high time for me to try and share the random stuff that I’m working on.

I’ve moved my domain from a different host to AWS (EC2 & Route 53), and I am impressed how easy it was: This WordPress site was set up by ~10 bash commands, using Docker, and its still mind-boggling to me how easy it was to set up.

This will be the place where I would share my insights about Docker, security relates issues, Kaggle & data science, Computer forensics and photography and the rest of random stuff I encounter. If I’ll do anything worth sharing – this would be my place for random musing.


A place for random musing